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nixda wrote:

designdog wrote:

I have a perfectly valid point. Here it is: Fuji wants to introduce a new digital camera system. Adobe has what, 80% share of the professional digital processing market. (Don't forget Aperture, but that is another story.) If I am Fuji, and I want to sell a lot of camera and lenses, I make sure my camera works with Adobe before I launch it.

That point has been made before, many times in fact. Usually, the Fuji hounds get released to jump on anyone who would utter such heretic words.

Yes- and there is a great blog which talks about how hard it has been as a raw processing programmer to work with Fujifilm who seem to see software vendors as competition or leeches. So, there is documented proof that it *was* a lot of Fujifilm's own fault. They may have released some information to the s/w vendors, but the critical algorithms to get the best from the sensor were not released, it was up to each software company to reinvent them. Over and over again.

Thank you! As OP, I herby call an end to this topic.

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