Need some info on Nikon 14-24/2.8 glass

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Re: Mike, what's your take on the 'Focus shift' in the 14-24mm?

Crud. For some reason I can't paste a freaking link to the post. You'll have to search my posting history from about a month ago - look for the title "anothermike buys a zeiss" or something like that. Sorry - not sure why the dpreview text editor is refusing to let me paste links today. What a joy this place is sometimes.....

Essentially the crux of it is that I find the Zeiss to be really the choice when the scene has a subject of interest that is broadly or roughly centrally located and at a close to moderate distance from the camera... the microcontrast and sense of 3D is really pretty amazing in that type of scene and in this type of scene it is clearly a step ahead of the 14-24 at the same focal length. Conversely, if you are shooting a scene that doesn't contain a predominantly central subject - let's say you're shooting a cool water scene with a curving subject matter that starts on one edge and goes to the background and then comes back, the 14-24 might be the better choice. I also talked about color balance: the 14-24 is decidely and definitely cool, and works wonders with night/water scenes - look at any of poster "nikonbois" work with the 14-24 and you'll see pretty much exactly (in many cases) the type of scene the 14-24 was meant for. The Zeiss 21 is far more neutral in color balance, although it does have a cyan-shift in color in the corners and the corners are tricky to get into gear sometimes - the 14-24 has some near-corner favoring field curvature that helps the near corners out that the 21/2.8 doesn't have so much of. I see reasons/scenes for both lenses, so I'm not selling my 14-24; I'd actually like Nikon to come out with a top class 20mm option and then I probably would (sell the zoom). Again, sorry I can't provide the link for some reason today - perhaps a glitch or something on my browser or with dpreview. Don't have the time to try and figure it out so you'll have to go search.

The 28/1.8G is an interesting lens. If I ever finish my test runs with it (weather dependent) AND I can figure out how to talk about it coherently in a post, I'll write something up.


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