Help! Odd behaviour using Nikkor 24-70 mm lens

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Re: Help! Odd behaviour using Nikkor 24-70 mm lens

Ozonation wrote:

I tried cleaning the contacts thoroughly again. No luck. If I press the dop button on the D3s with the 24-70, I get an ERR message too. The D3s will not let me actually take a picture with the 24-70 mounted: the shutter button doesn't fire in autofocus - I have to switch to manual focus to get it to work. I tried the lens on my D300 and it works, but it also looks dim. Very confusing.

I have had similar problems with mine on the D700. It would allow me to shoot S-AF yet the image was underexposed for the aperture blades closed all the way and I'd have an error message. After some taking off the lens and turning off the camera it returned to normal. I later cleaned the contact points and that seemed to fix for some time though. Since I had to send it in with camera to Nikon for repair and mentioned it though that was not the reason for repair. The zoom helicoid needed replacing. They replaced the camera bayonet mount which I think for regarding the dark images. I did send them samples.

Since then I have encountered it maybe three times in several months but I think it was due to my not securing it properly. It seems cleaning has not helped your situation and the only way I see is sending both in for repair with sample files.

Good luck

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