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I'm puzzle why Great Canon Shooter Need to Trash Micro43?

idiotekniQues wrote:

right now the only system that can truly offer the IQ, versatility and lens selection of dslr setups are MFT setupsf, and it's the most common switch, and it's what i switched to,

Agree, while I love my Sony NEX C3, its lens selection if pitiful.  I'll probably switch back to Micro43 in the near future

and it seems to draw in the canon dslr trolls pretty well, i had no idea they were so threatened by mft , but it is an amusing side-effect to this thread that i was not expecting.

I'm also very confused too why so many Canon User feel the need to Trash Micro43 to feel superior?  I'm also a 8 years Canon veteran with many canon lens.  I enjoyed Canon but now I love Micro43.  I don't see why Canon and Micro43 can't co-exist.

I have very high respect for qianp2k.  I know him from Canon 40d + Canon lens forum.  He is intelligent and a great photographer.  I particularly love his photographs, and the fact that he always backup his claim with wonderful photograph.  qianp2k is such a skill photographer that he shame most forum member with the more expensive 7d with his lowly 60d.

Which makes his post here more all the more disappointing:

Someone with qianp2k talent can make Olympus EM5 scream, just as he did with his 60d over fancier 7d.  If qianp2k can let go of his prejudice against m43 and borrow a EM5 for a week or two.  I'm convince he'll fell in love with EM5.

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