how to do proper micro adjustment

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Re: how to do proper micro adjustment

I don't think its very complicated.  Or more to the point I think some make the process more complicated than its needs to be.

What I have done is take a newspaper or document with type and stylized content - and mount it on a wall.

Take your camera - mount it on a tripod and move it back about 20 feet.  Focus on the posted document (if using a zoom you can do the wide and zoom settings if your camera has that capability to accept two setting for a lens - or if the camera holds only one use the setting your likely to use most - or for general use have the zoom set at its mid point).  Make sure the SR or IBIS or VR is off and the shutter speed is above 1/500 of a second.  For my lens I use the largest f stop as I want the shallowest DOF I can get.

Take a set of shots from -5 adjustment points to +5 adjustment point including the 0 point.  Make sure the camera refocuses after each shot.  I put my hand in front of the lens to cause it to defocus completely and then take my hand away to have it focus on the wall again.

Open up the files in Photoshop and without adding any sharpening or other changes inspect the writing and the document clarity in general.  Use 100 or 200%.  It will become obvious what setting improves things.   If things don't get worse by -5 or +5 then shoot the wider adjustment settings.

Once you have the setting that you like repeat the process to verify.  Enter the MF setting for the lens into the camera and go and take some real world photos.  If you like the results then you are good to go.  If not then repeat the process until you are sure.

This process will also give you a fairly good idea of the sharpness of your lens from center to border.

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