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Re: Why I switched to an OM-D

zxaar wrote:

String wrote:

zxaar wrote:

So size and weight is big deal when you are talking of mft vs dslrs but its not a big issue if you are comparing mft with smaller system by weight and size.

Its all about finding the sweet spot in what you are comfortable carrying... not really rocket science.

For a lot of people, mFT is that sweet spot and they don't feel a need to downsize any further; others feel differently. Just be glad that in today's market, we can all make that decision on our own.

I agree. I am never against personal choices no matter how much away they are from my personal choices.

But then I would not also start threads showing off how i bought another system because of some reason. I would just buy it and move on with life as if it is my personal choice and others shall not be bothered by it.

just because for some reason you are threatened by seeing a picture of an OM-D and a Canon dslr next to each other does not make it an unreasonable post.

i said nothing bashing canon. my canon kit and i had some great times and took some great shots. they make great cameras. i do believe canon is dropping the ball on the mirrorless format but that is their decision as a company and for many of us we didn't stick around and wait for them as panny and oly have taken the lead in this format.

this is a gear forum for photo enthusiasts. some of us post pictures and tech related stuff also. i do both. this was a very non-threatening picture. guess what, size difference and by extension weight difference, is a big part of this gear discussion. one image conveys this difference quite well. this is exactly what this forum is about, and often enough people talk about the size difference, there is nothign wrong with posting a picture of it.

myself, and many others, get excited about this difference because for a lot of us our passionate hobby is photography, and the lightness and IQ of MFT has helped re-inspire us in this hobby, as the weight and bulk of dslr gear started to take away from our enjoyment of being out there shooting.

i find it amusing how threatened dslr users are of this comparison.

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