where is Fuji 3d DPR-1 photo printer

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Re: where is Fuji 3d DPR-1 photo printer

George J Kunze wrote:

Announced and claimed to be in operation over a year ago, i can find no one who has this printer in stock or who has samples of its output.
anyone have any info on this?
coming soon after fixes?

Hey George,

I tracked down the cost of the Fujifilm DPR-1 and it's not cheap. You can buy the Fujifilm DPR-1, the System Software Package, Dell T3500 computer, and Fujifilm 3D W3 camera bundle for about €19,999 or $26,898. I haven't found the Fujifilm DPR-1 available outside of the bundle, I guess you just have to buy the whole package. One other note as well: A pack of 400 3D photo sheets is €1,840 or $2,475.

So to reiterate:

Fujifilm DPR-1 Bundle: €19,999

400 3D photo sheets: €1,840

Link to price: http://www.fujifilm-3d.de/v2/File/pdf/Folder_3D-Bundle_032011.pdf


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