I'll be going to the mountains/D800E/nightsky photography advice request

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Re: I'll be going to the mountains/D800E/nightsky photography advice request

There will be some noise on your images, but you need to take the following photos as well

Dark frame,Once you have finished taking all your light frames, ie your time laps, put your lens cap on and take another 5-10 exposures, these are your dark frames, and will contain just the noise that is present in your other images,

you then need to take some bias frames, this is normally the fastest shutter speed again take 5-10, these images only contain the readout noise from your sensor.
The last set of images you need to take are flat frames, this is normally an image of an evenly illuminated white card. This will register all the dust bunnies, oil, dirt ect within your optical train. i.e. Sensor, and lens debris,

No if you google stacking software, you will find things like deep sky stacker, astrostack registax ect.
Use one of these tools, and using the four image sets, Lights, Darks, Flats and Bias, you will be able to combine all of your images and the software will remove all of the noise and debris from the images.

you can also produce a time lapse image(star trails), where the images are just laid over the top of each other or get the software to stack them so you just get a nice clean image of the milky way ect.

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