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Re: Throw a Sigma DP2 Merrill into the mix

Charles2 wrote:

Throw a Sigma DP2 Merrill into the mix. Does it support the author's point because it sells for less than $1000 and does what the G10 did at even larger print sizes? Or does it contradict the author because the resolution and color of its output is amazing, proving that equipment matters?

Yea the web is littered with all kinds of anti gear information. The sad truth of it is, better gear can make up for all kinds of shortcomings. In a perfect world, where we are all upstanding know-it-alls, we would always know what the slowest SS is that we can use, to both prevent blur and allow optimal exposure. What if you don't want to constantly monitor and change SS? What if you are not sure what SS to use? Being able to jack up iso without worry of noise will help this person a lot. Use iso 3200 and shoot @ 1/1000 for your kids birthday party. Sure it's overkill, but if the noise is acceptable, who cares? A P&S cannot shoot iso 3200 acceptably, a D4 can.

People can promote their own skill all they want, and lets not pretend, thats what is happening when people claim gear doesn't matter, but in reality gear does matter. The guy that catches a perfect shot on an iPhone is proud because it's hard to do, so he claims gear doesn't make a shot, skill does. Not everybody is in competition, not everybody wants a challenge. Yes a poor composition will look like garbage on any camera, but the technical aspects are always better in higher end. Noise, sharpness, DR, color, any landscape photog will tell you these are important.

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