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Re: Replacing my 40D...

sensecall wrote:

I was considering the RX100, so it's interesting that you suggested it. Do you have any first hand experience using it?

Also quite interested in the comparison between going to MFTs from a DSLR so will take a look into that too.

I agree the RX100 is intriguing, but for me the current prices and lack of hotshoe ruled it out.

I've had a 50D for a few years, just got an Olympus PL2 (my first mirrorless camera) as an alternate camera for more casual days. No intention of completely replacing the DSLR with this. A few initial impressions:

Good news - Low ISO RAW images are very good. The dinky Oly kit lens may have an edge over my Canon kit lens. Video feature is more fun than I expected. Simple manual RF flash trigger works fine with the hotshoe, so I am good-to-go with my studio strobes! Weight is a whole lot less than my DSLR.

No so good news - Weight is too much for a daily carry mission, compacts still have the advantage there. The cool Art treatments are too overcooked to be useful, for the most part. I really underestimated the effort needed to get into a push button control system. The UI for the PL2 is a mess. The newer Oly models may have made improvements here. Good UI trials are to try to adjust the K-degrees for a custom WB setting, and to adjust in-camera contrast. Of course RAW makes both of those settings moot, but I still value getting JPGs right too.

For lots more opinions -

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