Need some info on Nikon 14-24/2.8 glass

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Re: Mike, what's your take on the 'Focus shift' in the 14-24mm?

anotherMike wrote:

Yea, I know LLoyd talks about it lot, yet I've never had any real-life issues with it either. It very well may there - I haven't tested it extensively for focus shift on that lens - most all my testing with it has been live view focus based at the aperture I'm shooting, not AFS based, and honestly, the 14-24 just isn't something I'm using much any longer since it's REALLY rare for me to work where the lens is at it's best (15mm) and I prefer my other options (the Zeiss 21, the Nikkor 24) in the areas where they overlap. That Zeiss 21 is really growing on me when I encounter s scene that mates up well with it's strengths, btw. So honestly running more tests on the 14-24 is not going to be on the "need to test this more" list. I'm about tested out - I've been spending a boatload of time (when the weather has allowed) trying to get a handle on the quirky-but-potentially-staggeringly good 28/1.8G (which has focus shift and field curvature galore, yet it can be extremely beneficial if you figure out how to tame it) and once I'm done with that, I'm done doing lens testing for a while. I do this to understand the lenses I use the most, and I'm about "there" (I need one more good weekend of weather with the 28...) and then I'm doing other things man. Sorry to be of no use on this one!


It would be great if at that conclusion and after you have applied your findings to a fair amount of in field shooting that you would share your experiences like specifically citing each of the quirky characteristics of that 28 and then what scenes you apply it to to get around it's flaw. Another words demonstrate how you get around it's weaknesses and push it's strengths.

I'm sure many would like learning this of all your lenses during your visits to the forum.

I missed or don't recall any past posts of yours regarding the Zeiss 21 and would appreciate you stating examples of its strengths and what scenes mate up with it.

Thanks for your input about the 24-70 at 24.

John R

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