flash when the light is good??

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Re: flash when the light is good??

Learn how to use fill-flash effectively and your photos will benefit. Mastering fill-flash was one the best things I ever did for my photography. It can lighten undesirable shadows, add a catchlight to a subject's eyes and make an image "pop" when photographing outside in dismal light. It can also be used indoors when the ambient light is marginal.

Fill-flash using automatic settings sometimes gives up too much control to the camera. I get the best results when I manually set the camera exposure for the ambient light and then dial-in the amount of flash. The range for fill-flash is usually between -1 and -2 stops but it varies depending on the flash-to-subject distance and the desired effect. When done well it shouldn't be noticeable that flash was used.

You don't need a fancy TTL flash either. A flash with an auto-aperture setting can produce excellent results. Set the flash aperture one stop faster than the ambient reading i.e. f8 when the ambient light calls for f11. Then simply fine-tune the fill by adjusting the ISO setting on the flash. I haven't owned a compatible TTL flash since the mid 90s and I've created a lot of really good fill-flash images using the above technique.

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