Ethics of Wildlife Photography

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Re: Ethics of Wildlife Photography

I think that baiting is one of the lesser evils in this whole scenario. Many of have bird feeders, including myself.  Is this not baiting,  And in most wildlife refuge's feeding wildlife is prohibited. But the biggest problem, in my opinion, is the lengths many will go to in order to win some award, or accolade, or money. No rule is safe.  I would personally like to see some kind of rules that if broken would eliminate the offender from participating in any future photo competition of any kind.  Even with that we will never be free from cheaters,  There are those among us who have a win at any and all costs attitude.  No matter  the damage they do, or who or what they hurt.   I have seen then all my life, and if anything there are more and more of them out there,  As for myself, I am as competitive as anyone who wears shoes, but I want to win fair and square.  I want to look at what ever I accomplish, and know that I did it fair and square, even if others didn't.

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I want to go to my grave, tires bald, fenders knocked off, out of gas, and yelling, WOW what a ride.

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