Olympus E-P1 Questions

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Re: Olympus E-P1 Questions

I've been using an E-P1 for over 1 year, bought it just to toy around. IMO, you should avoid using zooms with it. The E-P1 shines at ISO 640 or below. ISO 800 is still very usable but I never go above that. With good prime lenses like the 45mm f1.8, 25mm f1.4, and 14mm f2.5 I never found the need to go above ISO 800. If I have a decent amount of light indoors, i'm fine with ISO 800 at wide apertures. Sometimes, I will use a bounce flash to get more light. I am really surprised how much I really like the e-p1 since it produces beautiful colors with excellent white balance. Combined with the 45mm f1.8, it's just what I need 80% of the time.

fender22 wrote:

Hello. Recently got an E-P1 after selling my OM-D. I sold the OM-D mainly because I found it pretty ordinary in low light compared to a Canon with an L lens. Outside it's unbeatable.

Anyway, I bought the E-P1 mainly because it was cheap. (and I missed my OM-D

I'm finding a similar situation with the E-P1. Indoors for eg even with an extreme ISO with a wide aperture of say 3.5 in Aperture priority mode with lights on I find it difficult to get shutter speeds higher than 15-40? (without flash)

Having said that more often than not even at a low shutter speed still seem to take clear photos.

Its nearly like the shutter speed displayed is lower than that at which it takes the photo.

Has anyone had any experience with this camera. Are the results from the E-P1 much different from an OM-D?

Many thanks in advance?

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