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Re: Putting it in perspective

papillon_65 wrote:

Phil M Winder wrote:

Now that things have cooled down, I'd like to revisit the question that was asked.

The initial question was "Why is m4/3 not used on the NFL sidelines?"

To which, I asked "Would you drink a bowl of soup with a ladle?"

Perhaps that struck a wrong chord because it sounds a bit far-fetched. But if you think about it, it is about using the right tool for the job.

So, asking someone why m4/3 gear is not used in professional sports makes as much sense as asking them why they aren't drinking a bowl of soup with a ladle.

For the task at hand, we like to think a soup spoon is good for the job.

Hope this puts it in perspective.

To be honest, I've used the OMD for sports (basketball and athletics) and with the right lens it does a pretty good job. The only caveat is that I've never ascribed to the theory that I need C-AF focusing that can shoot at 50fps, and track a speeding bullet, to get decent sports shots. Quite frankly I laugh at people who write off the OMD for shooting general sports in decent light because it doesn't have great C-AF capability. If you can't capture decent shots of little billy playing football, or katie playing lacrosse, with a camera that fires at 9fps, it ain't the camera that's the problem. Would I choose it if I was shooting stadium sports at night and my mortgage depended on it? probably not, but I wouldn't use a Canon 60D either.

The AFC is better on the latest cameras but if I need to do pro work only with sports I will be using a Nikon or Canon top pro cameras.

But only on that case.

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