EM-5: Confused by Auto White-Balance results

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Re: Auto White Balance is magic, and magic can go wrong ...

Timur Born wrote:

CWB is worth a try, albeit I often am happy enough if I can hit the exposure button just in time to catch a moment. One reason why I shoot RAW is that it allows this inexperienced shooter more errors while shooting.

Just to mention it: On my screen the very first example (baby looking straight at the camera) shows the best looking skin tone. All others are off.

Timur, since you're shooting raw, use a gray card. It's easy and typically only need be shot once in a repeated-light scene.

The only thing that amazes me about this thread is that you appear to have begun with some belief in the efficacy of AutoWB. It might do well enough in good sunlight, but it is readily sent off track -- far more often than not in any but the best of conditions -- as your OP demonstrates.

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