Why do posters on here think they are new reporters?

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Re: Why do posters on here think they are new reporters?

PhD4 wrote:

"America sucks, and here, I found a news story about a shooting to prove it!"

"Obama is not a total loser, see attached YouTube video"

A recent funny one was Don_D's lame thread about Benghazi help not being as close as people claimed it was, backed up by some news story of course..... how many months after Benghazi ?!

You seem to be 'very conveniently' forgetting the number one guilty member of doing this . . . 'the princess' where everything is agenda driven along anti-Obama / anti-liberal / anti-global warming / pro guns / pro-religion etc etc etc . . . . all conservative / right wing agendas.  Curious, why / how could you possibly forget those?

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