My Canon glass isn't so hot on the 1Ds Mk. III...

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Re: Wide open map photo??

Forrest wrote:

Your expectations may be a bit off. I can not imagine one wanting to photograph a framed map with a 35mm f2 lens at f2. Not something one would use a shallow DOF setting for!

Think about it for a moment. A map is flat. It doesn't need gobs of depth of field if you're shooting it dead on. There's no background to be out of focus!

Think about it for a moment. A map is flat. There are no DOF preferences playing, no need at all for a shallow DOF. Yet, all the more problems if the focus plane is just a fraction curved. Also, softer corners wide open will show up, while it is not in any way logical to shoot wide open. And then there is the sensor induced heavy vignetting with FF sensors with big apertures and wide angles, which in a normal scene will not stand out as much as with a photo of a framed map hanging on a white wall.

Pretty odd, then, to shoot that with a 35mm f2 at f2.

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