"I think I'd rather be shot", or what happens without guns

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Re: As usual, you missed the point

Marty4650 wrote:

Chato wrote:

Marty4650 wrote:

At one point you say we have 600,000 in prison for drug related offenses. At another you say that there are 650,000 .

I did the math, and 22 percent of almost three million people is?

660,000, So I deducted 10,000 for the hell of it.

If you keep revising your own numbers then none of your statistics can be trusted.

I screwed up with my first post, and admitted it right away. When I read the actual number, 22 percent, I immediately posted the 600,000 number. Then using a calculater realised the number was marginally higher.

As far as this being an example of "breaking the law," would you say the same if the government confiscated your arms, and you kept some hidden?

The government has no business telling me what I should ingest. They have a right and responsibility to protect citzens from some guy whacked out on Crack ​or alcohol ​ from driving, or working on specific jobs. And that's because that person can harm ​others. ​What I choose to do with myself is my own business.

If government took one tenth of the money they spend on enforcement of jails, on real rehabilitation efforts, they would do far more to solving the problem.

As for the numbers the 22 percent figure is a reliable count


Your original source said "one in seven" which is exactly 17%. So you called it 85%. Then you admitted your error ("my bad") and revised it to 20%. Then you found a more favorable source and revised it again to 22%.

Stop exaggerating for dramatic effect. Let the facts speak for themselves.

However, I do believe it is time to stop beating this dead horse...

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