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Re: HELP...with editing photos!

Alpha Doug wrote:

Don't bother with Bridge or Photoshop just now. First, you need to become more familiar and comfortable with the Macintosh Operating System. If you don't spend a little time to do this, you will limp along and never quite understand where anything is located to how to access it. The suggestion to get the "Switching to the Mac" book by David Pogue is not an idle one. It is almost mandatory for a new Windows user switching over. In it, you can look up a thing you used to do in Windows and then David will explain how to do that same thing in OS X. Spend a little time with this until you feel comfortable with how your Macintosh Hard drive is organized and how to locate, move, copy, delete, and such. Once you feel pretty comfortable, then start working with your images. And I support the suggestion to not import your images twice. Also, use the card reader in your iMac. It will read your images much faster than if you plug your camera into a USB port. The next suggestion is that after you have become familiar with and comfortable with OS X, then spend a little time on just understanding how "importing" images into the Lightroom Library works. Then JUST use the import and organization features in the Library to manage your images. After you have a firm grasp on all of that, then worry about importing all the images from your previous Libraries.

P.S. If you live fairly close to an Apple Store, you can sign up for a year's worth of One on One tutoring. You just make an appointment, and an Apple software guy or girl spends an hour with you on some issue you are not getting. Really worth the investment for new users.

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Only my opinion. It's worth what you paid for it. Your mileage may vary! ;-}

Yes, I agree. The real problem when switching is learning how to navigate. Also, theres alot of online tutorials and instructional video on YouTube. And for essentials-  probably learning how to use the Finder... in OSX the finder is your best-friend.

Heres a little something to humor yourself:

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