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Re: Why I switched to an OM-D

ARB1 wrote:

lighthunter80 wrote:

Size alone is probably not all but it's your thread and I leave it up to you if you want to tell us more details

I got a Canon 5D and Oly E-PL5 and wouldn't want to miss either of them.

OMD and Nikon D800 and I also wouldn't want to go without either. If I had to pick only one I'd still take my big D800.

I also carried tiny S95 in trips. The following thread is on topic what another (small) camera you might carry with 7D (or similar size DSLR, 7D is about the same size of 5D3 and D800) in 7D forum. Several ones mentioned mFT that certainly are good choices, so as G1X, S110, Nikon 1 and Sony RX100 ...


I even carried S95 onto roller coasting But I will still carry one or multiple DSLRs in a serious trip.

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