Wow!! My first run in with Canikon snob...

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Re: Wow!! My first run in with Canikon snob...

Trevor G wrote:

BrewLab wrote:

...a guy with a Canon and a big white lens looked at me and says, "Sony, huh? Just make sure you don't take that around any real photographers." HUH?!? So I responded, "Well, change is scary. BTW, at least you're smart enough to admit you're not a real photographer." Then I fired off 12fps as a duck zipped past us. LOL!!


I'm sorry you got offended. Do you think your response helped him or you the most? How did he take your rudeness?

I would have thought he was joking. What part of the world did this take place in?

Perception is an odd thing. Just like how you would think the Canon shooter was joking, shouldn't he take the reply that simply applies his own statements to practise, as a joke too?

Afterall it was described as a "funny experience".

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