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Re: uh, it's really obvious what is going on

bobn2 wrote:

rubank wrote:

I can't see another new DX platform being developed just for the few sales that there will be in a model above the D7x00.


Why develop a new platform? The D300 has everything required, just need a new sensor, updated AF and bigger buffer. Nikon already has everything on the shelves, and the R&D on the D300 is already paid for.

I explained that - the D300 platform is the D2 platform - expensive to manufacture and most likely getting more expensive as the various components fall out of quantity manufacture.

This would satisfy 95% of current D300 owners. (How do I know? Same way you don´t

Truth: you don't know, any more than I do. You might be right about remaining sole D300 owners. I personally know at least two happily wielding D800's these days. Seem to be quite a few like that.

Oh, I´m also a D800 guy these days. But I´m not happy, sensor aside it is really nothing to write home about: unreliable AF, no focus trap and extremely crappy LV.

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