Wow!! My first run in with Canikon snob...

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Re: Wow!! My first run in with Canikon snob...

BrewLab wrote:

First, let me preface this by saying that, although I am a Sony guy, I am of the belief that in the right hands, all the major brands will make amazing images and I couldn't care less what other folks shoot if it makes them happy. I just thought this little experience was rather funny. Having said that...

If your statement is really true "I couldn't care less what other folks shoot" Why did you find it necessary to point out he was "shooting a Canon and a big white lens." Wouldn't the story have been just as valid if you had dropped the part about what brand HE was shooting? After all, most replies seem to feel this, ahem, "story" is more about the other shooter rather than which brand he happened to have in his hands. Remember, you are the one that said "I couldn't care less what other folks shoot" yet you find it somehow useful to have a subject line that denies your statement!

It strikes me that despite your protestations to the contrary, you seem to have an agenda in telling this story about the other shooter and especially his brand of camera. Why the subject line that condemns both Canon and Nikon users by calling him a SNOB? Seems to be a needlessly inflammatory in its tone.

I was shooting birds at a local refuge yesterday, minding my own business, when a guy with a Canon and a big white lens looked at me and says, "Sony, huh? Just make sure you don't take that around any real photographers." HUH?!? So I responded, "Well, change is scary. BTW, at least you're smart enough to admit you're not a real photographer." Then I fired off 12fps as a duck zipped past us. LOL!!

That was my first real life experience with the Canikon bias. Unbelievable. Rather than ask about my camera, talk shop or even better....just say nothing...he chose to bash both my gear AND my photography skills in one fell swoop. I didn't want to believe it, but they're really out there.

"but they're really out there" Really?? I've been shooting for almost 50 years and have shot nearly every brand/format ever made as both a paid professional and as a hobbiest(sp) and not one time have I been so accosted as you recount. Not once. I've been a member here on dpr for 13 years and been a poster/owner on the Oly, KM, Canon, Nikon and m4/3 fora and I have over 7,000 posts, and I have yet to be insulted in the way you describe your run in at the refuge with a "Canikon snob." Can't be because of my stature as I'm only 5' 10" tall. Can't be because of my demeanor as I am generally pretty quiet in my conduct/conversation. Wait, I know! It must be because I am filthy rich and folks are intimidated by my riches... NOT.  Just can't get my head around why a guy (you know, that SNOB)  would be so audacious as to say something like that to another shooter who was a complete stranger. And yet in my 50 years of shooting (and I have shot with some pitiful gear too) I have not even come close to what you are heralding as snobbish behavior due to the brand of camera another shooter may own...

Methinks, and this is my own opinion, that you may have/had a reason to "stir the pot" here and made a rather poor job of it in the process or your skin is waaaay too thin when a "Canikon snob" teased you a wee bit about your Sony.

Remember Rodney King? You know, the guy that got beat up (sorta' like you say you did?) and came out the other side of that beat down and uttered those famous words, "Can't we all just get along?"

I just find it pointless to stir things up on the Sony forum by pointing fingers and name-calling the "other guys" and what they may be shooting by calling him/them snobs and then sharing the whole juicy story, including your snappy comeback and somehow trying/hoping(?) to come out looking like a knight in shining armor while standing up for all us "Sony guys" here on the forum....


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