Ok Greeners and ACCers do you have an off-grid system for your house?

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Re: Ok Greeners and ACCers do you have an off-grid system for your house?

kcbeatty wrote:

Several years ago I did a lot of research into an off-grid system for my home. Every system I looked at was not practicable for my region of the USA. The land is too flat for hydro-electric. Our wind and sun availability is quite unpredictable and really not suitable in my area. I could get a natural gas powered generator but the operating costs are unknown. OK that's on the generation side.

Now come the costs of storing power for later use. Battery systems are very expensive and require regular maintenance. The power conversion systems necessary to convert the battery DC voltage into usable AC power are also very expensive.

I don't think that home power generation systems are practicable. My opinion is that the power generation systems need to be done like it is now, in regional systems. Thanks to the Greeners most steam generators that are operated by coal powered steam boilers are being forced to shut down. My regional power generation is comprised of one natural gas powered steam boiler and one coal fired steam boiler system. The coal fired boiler is going to be shut down as soon as the new natural gas turbine generator is online. Of course the increased cost of this new turbine conversion will be passed on to their customers.

Very big expense all for no good reason.

Looks like you are spoiling for a fight.... Greeners...hah, I never heard that term but I think it must mean people who have a view to not damaging the environment.

The US will be converting a lot of old inefficient coal fired plants to modern more efficient gas fired plants for lots of reasons....less pollution, less maintenance, etc...  better get used to it.

A lot of people are installing solar panels to help with their electric bills too.

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