how many new canon 5 mark iii are happy with there camera

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Re: how many new canon 5 mark iii are happy with there camera

I own both. I can tell you from first hand experience that both cams are very close with the Canon better in some areas and the Nikon better in others. High ISO is close with the mk III just slightly better at 800 and above. The Nikon obviously has more pixel so if downsized it will equal things out. Above ISO 3200 the Canon is netter. Sharpness Nikon wins those big files are just loaded with detail. DR is a win for Nikon at base ISO up to about ISO 400 after that DR starts to equal out. Recovering shadows the canon cannot come close to competing on the other side the highlight recovery to me seems better or maybe it's that the Nikon can tend to blow highlights out more than the Canon. Auto focus is not that close. The MK III is better. All focus points are usable accurate and the camera in one shot just snaps into focus and nails it every time. Servo or continous is about the same yet you can track with the outer points on the Canon. Live view Canon is far better the Nikon implementation is a total joke. Metering slight edge to Nikon in backlit light. WB hands down the Canon wins. It just gets it closer especially when shooting people indoors under mixed lighting. The canon also takes less work and is easier to correct. No odd color cast. Ergonomics is a tie I like both. The Canon fits my hand better when no grip is used. Overall I love both cameras. The Nikon gets far less use as i use the Canon for everyday shooting. The Canon is more fun to use and feels much more responsive. The 6fps second does not seem like much more but it really helps with sports and kids. The Nikon will come out for studio and landscapes or the times when I will need to crop. Lens selection goes to Canon despite what others may say the Nikon 1.4 lenses just don't perform as well as they should for the price. The autofocus on those lenses are meager at best. Nikon still has the bettor zoom selection and they have no equal in the wide zoom category. I can honestly say you can't go wrong with either camera. But choosing should come down to what you will be using it for.

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