Veteran XP1 User Now Venting

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Re: Veteran XP1 User Now Venting

to be perfectly honest and now I think about it, SilkyPix is not really a workaround but the main software in itself for RAF files. the XP1 didn't came out bundled with Adobe. if it did, then we have some sort of a valid argument that Fuji is partly to blame. what I can't understand is despite the fact that Adobe holds majority of the market, they fail to even expand their market further. you can't be serious that because the XP1 doesn't work with Adobe that you are going to blame the camera. a simple analogy would be, you are blaming a diesel car because the gas station only provides motorbike fuel.

anyway, if you are still unhappy with your XP1 with all of the recommendation and advise given, just sell it and buy a DNG compatible camera. plain and simple.

some sidenotes which is somehow related to software developers/engineers. the problem with Adobe is that is most probably resorted to porting rather than create a new program for RAF files. the reasons can be from cost-saving and much easier to do at the expense of optimized results. in other words, Adobe merely patched an old house rather than build a new one from scratch.

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