5 from snowy yorkshire.

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Re: 5 from snowy yorkshire.

Hello Fboy,

had a look at these and I think No4 is the strongest of your set, I like the composition and the way the sheep are walking in a line across the top of the hill, a nice typical Yorkshire scene. I live in Yorkshire now and wonder out of curiosity where these where shot.

I took a look at these full size, also had a look at your post on the Nikon forum along with your shooting data and I am inclined to agree with the Nikon comments that the shots are underexposed. Your shooting data indicates an exposure compensation of -2/3 on all shots which I think accounts for the exposure error. Even on dull days snow will reflect a lot of light and fool the best of meters into underexposure, this has been emphasised by the -2/3 compensation which has made the snow look grey. I don't know if the compensation was deliberate or accidentaly left at that level from previous shots (I've done that often enough myself). If you dial in + compensation and in the overcast skies in your shots I would think about +2/3, I think you will find your snow whitening up. This compensation will vary depending on the lighting conditions, more sun means more +ve compensation and vice versa, a quick check of your screen and histogram will give you an idea where you are and then + or - to compensate.

I also noticed some dust spots and what appear to be cloned sections that appear to be quite distinct. I find with cloning that if I sample from a similar or surrounding section with a soft edge then the cloning is less noticeable and if it's not possible to remove all dust from the sensor then a bit of cloning on the dust spots also helps.

I'm no pro but I hope the above helps, all the best and happy snapping.


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