Handheld panorama with 75mm

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Re: Handheld panorama with 75mm

It has been a couple years since I last tried "ICE" as I too found PhotoMerge (I think it's called) in Photoshop suits my needs and since I would complete my pano enhancements in Photoshop I decided just to do it all there.  "ICE" tho did impress me with it's capabilities ... that it was FREE!

ju_ju - From your links (I VERY MUCH enjoyed what had to be at least a hundred of your images on flikr) I discovered you shy away from calling yourself a photographer so I'll concede to that by calling what I saw images, but that is as far as I'll go.  I've not been a big fan of digital monochrome, but a few of your images got my pleasant attention.  GREAT diversity of vision.  I wasn't surprised to later find you were/are a student of art.

Here's a link to a panorama of my local landscape done with CS5.  Most of my panos have been spur of the moment hand held this tho was my second visit to this vista and I brought along a tripod this time.  I recall setting my zoom to I believe a moderate telephoto about 100 to 135mm equiv.

California gold country


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