Using dp-review samples in dpr forum postings allowed?

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Re: It's not really good ethical practice in general...

Chris R-UK wrote:

Mike_PEAT wrote:

It's one thing to copy a lnk to an image and include the source of the image (although some even frown against that), but to edit someone else's work without permission and reposting is a no-no, ANYWHERE!

Actually there are several circumstances where it is quite acceptable.  The most significant one here is of course a Fair Use exception for non-commercial educational purposes.  Virtually any image posted to a DPReview forum asking for C&C can be downloaded, edited, and reposted when there is text discussion of the purpose and effects of the editing.

Another site I'm on is set up so when you first join you can specify whether you allow the editing of the personal images you have posted or not, or "ask first". Of course that doesn't include the images of the site, or links to third party images.


The OP was asking about re-processing the raw samples provided in the reviews on this site which is a very different ethical situation.

I think that he also has a pretty good case for re-processing. If you read his second post he is referring to the Fujifilm XE-1 raw samples are not handled well by ACR because of the sensor configuration. I assume that he may want to highlight the differences between an ACR raw conversion and one done with Fujifilm's own software.

I would be quite surprised if this hadn't already been done in the Fujifilm X System forum.

Yes.  And I'm hard pressed to find anything wrong with doing that as long as the use made of the image is non-commercial and educational.

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