AA filter comparison: K-5, K-5 II and K-5 IIs

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Re: AA filter comparison: K-5, K-5 II and K-5 IIs

Robgo2 wrote:

Here's another example of moire from the K-5 IIs.

K-5 IIs moire

Sharpness freaks need to realize that AA filters serve a very useful purpose.


This is a way of looking at it, that is only voiced by those that do not have a K5IIs, and seem to want to write it off. Virtually everyone that has bought a K5IIs, and that includes myself, is really very positive about the IQ results, and that has nothing to do with being a sharpness freak.

Moiré véry seldomly occurs, and is considered a none-issue in everyday shooting by almost all the K5IIs adopters, and that's not because they are closing their eyes to it. And I have four very sharp Zeiss primes, so I should be in the moiré danger zone.

Now, whether you actually líke the IQ of the K5IIs better than the K5, that is another matter altogether. Some like glamour filters for their portrait shooting, well, you can see the AA-filter in the K5 more or less, as a softening filter, and some may well prefer that look to the look of the K5IIs.

But the K5IIs has proven itself by now, just read up on the recent reviews. It is arguably the best Dslr Pentax or any APSC camera maker has produced. Many who own it, feel that way, and many of them still have their K5, or have sold it because the K5IIs is noticeably better in their eyes. It is certainly not to be written off on the grounds of some rare moire samples at 100%.


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