NEX 5N and Safari?

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Re: NEX 5N and Safari?

Thank you to the responses & the OP's thread , since I had the exact same question about a NEX and 18-200 lens.

My primary camera = Canon 20d + 70-200mm 2.8 (off-topic, so suffice it to say an APS-C full-sized DSLR)

My wife's camera = Sony NEX-5R + potentially buy a sony SEL18200 lens as her all-in-one travel camera.

Could you perhaps elaborate what bridge camera you had used?

My itinerary showed a combination of morning, afternoon & evening game drives from Nairobi to Mombasa. My concern was whether the bridge camera (and honestly the 18-200) could handle the low-light morning/evening game drives that I see listed on my masai mara / amboseli itinerary.

My current non-DSLR ( i guess 3rd ) camera was a Canon S90 , and I'm not that satisfied with the photos I got out of it (one the reasons I got the NEX).

luke8 wrote:

I would take a quality bridge kamera with

1 Year ago I went to Kenia and did the typical safari Tsavo West, East and Amboseli.

I had the 200 mm SEL18200 and my wife a sony bridge kamera with more than 30 x zoom. The most impressing shots where done with the bridge kamera as for the extreme zoom capabilities. You normally drive during light day and you can shot good quality photos with a modern bridge camera. Its a closed system with no dust problem. There is almost never enough time to prepare for a shot. You have to cope with bright lighting conditions, often taking photos against the sunlight.Once the jeep comes aorund the corner, the closer animals normaly turn around and move away. So many nice photos of buttocks. 200 mm is very often not enough for smaller animals further away like a cheeta or a leopard or an eagle in a further away tree.

My nex is my beloved main camera but if I go on safari again, my backup will be a good bridge kamera. You will be able to take pictures, a Nex or DSLR with a 200 to 500 mm will miss. If I only could take 1 camera, of course a dslr or nex would be my choice.

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