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mferencz wrote:

qianp2k wrote:

As E-M5 DPR review said that the gap of latest mFT and last generation of APS-C is much narrowed. However APS-C and FF worlds don't stand still. So you see the new generation of APS-C coming out, D5200 uses Toshiba sensor. D7100 and 70D are coming, then D400 and 7D II will arrive in later of year or early of next year. Rumor suggests the new generation of Canon sensors are just on horizontal. If not 70D, 7DII will be the first model to adopt new sensor technology that should capture up Sony Exsor sensor, then Rebel 700D and rumored 46mp 1DsX on the heel of 36mp or 52mp D4X will all based on the new sensors.

Nevertheless as I said sensors don't take photos by themselves but must work with lenses. Many APS-C and FF lenses are simply better and no match on equivalence (from mFT side) that resolves just lots more fine details and sharpness. No mention CDAF and EVF still not are par with PDAF and OVF in fast actions. That's another part of importance - the chance of capturing critical and precise invaluable moments. mFT and mirrorless in general are smaller/lighter but they are also is pretty limited in versatility of photography overall.

'Many APS-C and FF lenses are simply better and no match on equivalence (from mFT side) that resolves just lots more fine details and sharpness'

If you didn't litter your posts with such rubbish like this maybe somebody might come around and agree with you once in awhile. Show me some APS-C lens that are simply better and resolve with more detail and sharpness. The Canon EF-S/Nikon crop lenses are average at best. There are some M43 lenses that are comparable to Canon L lenses, arguably better.

Let me give a few samples of some excellent EF-S lenses

17-55/2.8 IS

15-85/3.5-5.6 IS

10-22 UWA zoom

60/2.8 macro

It's hard to compare to equilavlent mFT lenses as DXOMark has not tested many mFT lenses,  no mention the lenses much be tested together with a camera.  You can check Photozone that covers more tests.  It shows EF-S/DX lenses on respecitve APS-C cameras still resolve more details than mFT setup.

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