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Re: Why I switched to an OM-D

How is it that there are (at least) two people who spend a lot of time in the m43 forum who appear to think that any camera between the size of an RX100 and a DSLR is a waste of time? Now one of them is even calling someone a troll for pointing out their own trolling behavior!

Let's make this as simple as possible: there are a large number of people (that is, most of the people who frequent this forum) who want a camera system with interchangeable lenses, but that is smaller than a DSLR. We'd like this camera system to have a sensor that is large enough to have better low light performance than a P&S and/or that can provide decent foreground separation under typical photography scenarios. We also generally believe that an APS-C sensor may be too large for this scenario; while it doesn't make the camera too large, it does tend to cause much of the lens lineup to be too close to DSLR-size, thus making a typical camera bag too much like a DSLR bag in size and weight.

To be clear, nobody is FORCING ANYONE ELSE to buy or use these smaller-than-DSLR and larger-than-P&S cameras. Certain people seem to be under the impression that the 'm43 zealots' are going to show up at their houses in the middle of the night and take away their DSLRs and replace them with OM-Ds. Please, relax - this isn't going to happen. We will happily let you keep using whatever cameras you prefer, but PLEASE GO AWAY, as you are not providing anything useful in this forum.

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