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Re: Well, the S90 is the smallest

YiannisPP wrote:

Nexu1 wrote:

Serious question, why would someone take a landscape photo at f1.8-f4? I take all my landscape photos at f5+. I have been very happy with this camera for landscape photography. One of the reasons is I love sunrise and sunset photography and the RX100 has great dynamic range.

I have to say, good question. Even in dim light you can get away with shutter speeds around 1/10-1/20sec handheld, f/5 and a low ISO up to 400 would do the trick most of the times. I can imagine you might need it maybe on a beach at sunset. But even then, not freezing the waves might be beneficial to the photo.

And in my experience and opinion, even using a wider aperture around f/2.8 does not harm the photos in the way all these posts about corner softness would have you believe.

I have to deal with this quite often (currently using a DSLR), both for cityscapes after sunset and indeed shots at/near the beach. I usually can't use a tripod so I have to get by with 1/30th or so when using WA (24-28mm effective).

I can assure you that soft corners can be VERY distracting in both situations, because it shows in the 'texture' of building facades and other details, or the sand on the beach. I usually don't need large DOF, on APS-C f/3.5-4 or so is fine (so probably f/2.5-2.8 on RX100) if the lens has good corners at that aperture. Having to stop down 2 extra stops for good corners is a sure negative for me.

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