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Re: What company do you suggest then?

Saleen1999 wrote:

I need someone who is inexpensive like Carbonite. They have great prices that I can afford but if you know someone who is better and around the same price, please let me know.

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Melissa aka mustang_fan

I have used Mozy, Carbonite and CrashPlan, in that order.  All of them worked.  Since I used them at different timeframes, I am not sure I can honestly compare them.  Other than a deal on price, the main reason I moved from Carbonite to Crashplan was I had to continually had to indicate that I wanted the video files backed up on each directory.  In my case, that got to be too much of a risk of forgetting.  I didn't check if this "feature" has changed, but that is why I moved.

Also, mentioned above, Crashplan can send you a disk drive for a price.  But, in my case, I have over 1tb backed up, I would pay the ~$100 for getting the files in my hands sooner.  I should have payed that for uploading the videos as well.  I updated my internet upload speed for an extra fee and it has cost me more than the $100 to get the files uploaded.  In your case, I probably would just upload over the internet.

Others have also recommended backing pictures as jpegs to gallery applications on hosted websites (Lunarpages, Bluehost, ...) and making them restricted access.  They allow unlimited storage, as long as it is part of the website.  I am trying to work this in as well, but more as a feature than a backup I guess.

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