GPS tagging in China

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Re: GPS worked in Beijing and Shanghai for me

Came across this thread while searching for information on the Chinese version of the Canon 6D. I live in Beijing and I was thinking of buying this camera from Amazon China because the price is very reasonable -- basically the same price as Amazon US, but with tax included. IE, if I bought it from Amazon US from California, I'd pay the 10% tax in addition, making the final US price 10% higher.

However, in looking at the manual (downloaded from the US support site) before ordering I noticed it said there is a version of the 6D which does not have WiFi and GPS. Then I looked carefully at the Amazon China webpage, and then Canon China's webpage, and it's clear that the mainland Chinese version of the 6D does not have GPS (it does have WiFi). I'm lucky I can read Chinese as I was within a few minutes of ordering.

I don't really care much about GPS myself, but I do care about eventual re-sale value outside of China. And I don't want to have to explain why this one doesn't have this feature.

What's interesting is that if you search Amazon China for GPS devices, there are plenty of them available (and lots of cab drivers and regular folks use GPS in China), including camera GPS devices. So as is common with China, there's some arbitrary rule (probably) about GPS built-in to cameras which is still being enforced, even while some other part of the government (probably) has allowed GPS devices for cars.

Now I have to wait for a trip to Hong Kong to buy a new 6D.

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