EM-5: Confused by Auto White-Balance results

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Re: EM-5: Confused by Auto White-Balance results

Hard to say about the X10 as I mostly shot it in very mixed light with direct on-camera flash pointing towards the person. Something where every camera is expected to struggle with AWB. It also depends largely on how Face Detection plays together with flash metering (flash metering struggles with targets outside the center even when FD meters on the face). The latter is shown in the second image where flash fired too strong, while in the first image it's rather a bit too weak (only 2 seconds in between shots).

Overall the X10 does quite well as far as balancing mixed light and flash is concerned. The scene above and below was a mixture of daylight through the window, incandescent full (warm) spectrum light from behind the camera, fluorescent (power-saving three spectrum/filter) light from behind the target and on-camera direct in the face flash mixed in. Sometimes the flash is too cold on the face, but if you consider how yellowish the power-saving lights are in the background, it still does quite well.

I could compare some of the outside shots with bright sunlight, but this is where the X10's metering played came up with some very broken results. At the moment my X10 is several hundreds km away, so I cannot do a direct comparison at same conditions.

Here is some deliberate demonstration of how the full spectrum incandescent light of our stove differs from the very yellowish peak spectrum power-saving light from the ceiling (yes, that was the first version X10 that bloomed/orbed heavily).

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