Cheap 7-14mm went unsold on ebay

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Re: Cheap 7-14mm went unsold on ebay

Messier Object wrote: was taken out of the box occasionally to demonstrate for customers. We are authorized Olympus USA dealers. . . .

Besides the obvious Ebay variations (when was the sale expiring, how long was the sale, etc.), many people (me included) do not trust the "Taken out of the box occasionally" mantra.

I personally call these "Seller refurbs", and I stay away from those. An "occasional take out of the box" can just as well mean "took it out of the box and put it on a sunny shelf for three years", "BH took it out of the box, put it on display for six months to go through a gazillion of hands and then sold it to us..." or stuff like that (although a 7-14mm would rarely be on display anywhere, but a camera body might very well be).

While there is a full warranty, I personally still prefer the Refurbished by Olympus items Cameta (and others) sell. At least I know those come directly and fresh from Oly in Hauppauge, and I have had enough nice experiences with them (both refurbs and Oly repair) to buy those refurbs with my eyes closed. Yes, the warranty on those is only three months.

Last but not least - this specific sentence - " was taken out of the box occasionally to demonstrate for customers. We are authorized Olympus USA dealers..." specifically rings a bell to my Ebay accustomed ears.

This seller regularly sells "...taken out of the box to demonstrate for customers..." Olympus gear, at a rate which would warrant them taking Oly gear out of boxes and demonstrating for customers day in and day out. Not that it matters much, but it doesn't seem to me that THEY took it out of the box. They are getting those somewhere else, which makes it quite likely that the item's history is nearly impossible to track.

Long story short - Oly refurbs - yes, Seller refurbs - triple no. Then again, it's a matter of taste, full warranty is not something to sneeze at.

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