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Re: Veteran XP1 User Now Venting

Imagefoundry wrote:

Not about to give that up either. And I should not have to. That is my point.

I think your point is completely invalid, I am sorry to say. I shouldn't have to work for living; I should not have to pay as much taxes as I do, and so on. Your argument belongs in this category IMO.

You are ranting about not being able to have a cake and eat it too, basically. But look - there are tons of camera systems out there which fit your requirements to a T. Have your pick, you'll be a much happier man.

Were you to buy an Xpro1 based on what it is rather than based on the notion of what you would like it to be, would you still be here polluting the airwaves? Probably not. Please stop. This thread is so embarrassingly illogical it's like watching a child throwing a tantrum.

What? I didn't start this thread seeking psychoanalytic analysis!

First of all, I am not ranting. Hey, this is no really big deal for me. I have a few cameras. I can get a few more. I can use C1. I can use jpeg, etc, etc.

Want a tantrum? See me when my Comcast goes down!

I have a perfectly valid point. Here it is: Fuji wants to introduce a new digital camera system. Adobe has what, 80% share of the professional digital processing market. (Don't forget Aperture, but that is another story.) If I am Fuji, and I want to sell a lot of camera and lenses, I make sure my camera works with Adobe before I launch it.

So maybe they though it worked. Maybe I did as well, about when I bought into all of this. Then we all found out it doesn't work so well. In fact in doesn't work as well as just about every other digital camera out there. What then? Fuji fixes it, or loses market share, and the camera becomes irrelevant. ddog lives with a work around, or simply moves on.

Explain to me where wanting this camera to work like every other one with Adobe is like "having your cake and eating it to."

It's so easy just to read a post and come up with "just sell it and quit crying," or "live with it, I do." Does that really solve anything?

A better response it seems to me: "just bear with it until Adobe's next Lightroom update, probably this Spring. They usually update following the camera show. Hang in there, it is a great camera." Or "here is a really great workaround I have found while I am waiting for Adobe/Fuji to fix this..."

But, I don't want to be here polluting the airwaves. BTW, there really aren't any airwaves, brother. Unless you are living in the world of Marvel Comics, or something. Now, where is that piece of cake...

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