rx100 the one to beat?

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Re: Well, the S90 is the smallest

2eyesee wrote:

YiannisPP wrote:

Just sell the damn thing, it's obviously rubbish, you just can't stand its many imperfections!

By the way, I'd print some varied real world photos if I were you and not test charts, but that's just me.

Sorry, I wasn't trying to be inflammatory with my comments. The purpose of my post was to:

1. Show a little humility to technic after I challenged his assertion that corner softness on the RX100 does cover quite a significant portion of the image (i.e. he was right and I was wrong).

2. Provide feedback to the OP - it is very pertinent to his initial question.

Interestingly enough, the OP mentioned the Fuji X20 in his first post - the camera that I am now seriously considering.

And my RX100 is now sold. So don't worry, you won't have me hanging around on the Sony forum anymore complaining about it.

I'm glad you sold it.

But I don't think the feedback you provide to the OP is representative of the real world performance of the camera. The below link for example is. Tourist snaps from a new RX100 buyer, all OOC jpegs, mainly Auto mode. Look at the full size offered, 10MP should be enough for you to notice any problems with the camera:


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