35mm 1.4 vs 50 mm 1.4 on Full Frame

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Re: 35mm 1.4 vs 50 mm 1.4 on Full Frame

moimoi wrote:

Dear Friends,

I am having a bit of a philosophical question for you. Specially for those who enjoy street photography, I was wondering whether you like the 35mm or 50 mm focal length better. Which one do you think is the most adequate? Do you aim for the shallowest dof and isolation (i.e., 50mm) or wider view with surroundings (i.e., 35mm)?

I do have a copy of the Rokinon 35mm 1.4, but at f/1.4, it is harder to shoot fully manual for quick snapshots. I thought it would have been easier to be honest, but the focus point is not as easy to define via the viewfinder. The lens provides excellent data when I do have the time to compose and when my subject is motionless. I am also thinking to sell my Rokinon (in mint conditions) for 250 USD. If someone is interested in this, let me know via PM.

Now, I am wondering whether I should go with the Sigma 35mm 1.4 or Sigma 50 mm 1.4 (both are excellent lenses).

Thanks for any wise comments about this.

I am an aps-c shooter now and I assume you are talking full frame.  When I shot film I always favoured a slightly wider view than a so called 50mm standard lens.   I replaced my 50mm with a 35mm lens but found that slightly too wide.  So I was fortunate Olympus (I used to use OM2 and OM4 film slrs) brought out a 40mm F2 pancake lens which I found ideal.

On aps-c I have sort of replicated that with a 28mm Minolta F2 (42mm equivalent).

The 40mm was a very compact lens despite being full frame and the 28mm is not massive.   It sort of disappoints me we seem obsessed with producing physically large prime lenses these days.  The Sigma 35mm F1.4 and CZ 24mm F2 (which would give 36mm on aps-c) are massive in comparison and to my eyes defeat the object of a street shooting lens.  They look almost as intimidating as a small telephoto.  But I digress.

I would go for the 35mm if I had to choose but I'd keep an eye out for a 35mm Minolta F2 as its a much more compact lens.

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