rx100 the one to beat?

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Re: Well, the S90 is the smallest

Nexu1 wrote:

Serious question, why would someone take a landscape photo at f1.8-f4? I take all my landscape photos at f5+. I have been very happy with this camera for landscape photography. One of the reasons is I love sunrise and sunset photography and the RX100 has great dynamic range.

I have to say, good question. Even in dim light you can get away with shutter speeds around 1/10-1/20sec handheld, f/5 and a low ISO up to 400 would do the trick most of the times. I can imagine you might need it maybe on a beach at sunset. But even then, not freezing the waves might be beneficial to the photo.

And in my experience and opinion, even using a wider aperture around f/2.8 does not harm the photos in the way all these posts about corner softness would have you believe.

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