Best investment: m43 or Fuji x system?

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Re: Best investment: m43 or Fuji x system?

dprstevie wrote:

Lots if threads about x-e1 vs O-MD with plenty of heated debate - a lot of which is subjective.

However I wonder how the 2 options stack up in terms of investment into a system with a good future.

Seems that the Fuji has the edge on IQ and the O-MD in usability and features. Is it fair to assume each party will continue to improve their (comparative) weakness? Ie the m43 sensors better in low light / high ISO - and the Fuji bodies to one say have better AF etc

So far E-M5 has both better IQ and better usability (faster AF, smaller and lighter, weather-sealed, very useful tilting touchscreen etc). Better IQ primarily because of the lenses - more of them, faster and better, plus all of them stabilized very well:

Not quite wide enough for many situations...

Fuji 14 mm is here, but only f/2.8. We will see how good its corners are (I bet not good wide open).


And this is not temporary, you just cannot create a reasonably sized/priced lens for 28 mm image circle on 17.7 mm flange distance (corners will always receive light under bad angles), while 21 mm image circle on 20 mm flange is much simpler.

Fuji X still does not have tele zooms, travel zooms, constant f/2.8 zooms, fish eyes, portrait primes... They will be there... maybe... some time in the future... from Fuji... expensive... and SOME OF THEM even stabilized.

On the other hand Fuji bodies have proper controls for fully-manual shooting. Why does not EVERYBODY do at least fixed-function exposure compensation is beyond my understanding.

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