What is this fascination with iso6400?

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Re: What is this fascination with iso6400 ?

DigitalPhilosopher wrote:

Detail Man wrote:

That is a question that could indeed be asked - but I don't understand what makes it a "point".

The original topic was whether we need increasingly higher ISO ranges. This is a symptom of a more general issue, I believe, and that is the fascination of consumers (and the sigh of relief of eager to provide manufacturers) with quantitative comparisons.

Like I said, MPs, RAM, Hard Drive space, ISO...Don't you see the pattern here? Consumers and manufacturers are caught in an eternal loop - Companies offer more and more because they are "easy" to sell, consumers buy more and more because they have something to compare.

What made my question a point to all that is, I believe, that as long as we are all caught in a numbers race, we will not be getting true innovation.

Right. Consumers are gullible and enchanted by big numbers, and manufacturers' marketing departments' bread and butter is to keep it forever that way. Planned obsolescence is essential.

Invention is the mother of necessity.

- Marshal Mcluhan

What it takes to break the cycle? A daring company testing something new, and the consumers reacting favorably to it. As long as we are all keep blogging, talking, and ​buying the "latest and greatest", we simply inhibit true innovations.

True enough. I think that it would take humankind rejecting materialism entirely. Good luck. The consumer state churns and burns not on truth, but on the triumph of form over function.

Let me ask you (and others) this:

Do you (we) need a 300MP camera, capable of 3.276.800 ISO, with a memory card of 300GB, which transfers images to a computer with 256GB RAM and a hard drive of 500 PB?

Sure. Why not ? All it will cost is our souls, and willfully sacrificing the very future of the planet.

As the son of a college professor/author who has a doctorate in the Philosophy of Religion, I salute you. As an electronic designer myself, I'd recommend that we remember that the materialistic world of enchantments and shiny widgets supplanting our souls is but mere corporeal distraction ...

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