What is this fascination with iso6400?

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Re: What is this fascination with iso6400 ?

Detail Man wrote:

That is a question that could indeed be asked - but I don't understand what makes it a "point".

The original topic was whether we need increasingly higher ISO ranges. This is a symptom of a more general issue, I believe, and that is the fascination of consumers (and the sigh of relief of eager to provide manufacturers) with quantitative comparisons.

Like I said, MPs, RAM, Hard Drive space, ISO...Don't you see the pattern here? Consumers and manufacturers are caught in an eternal loop - Companies offer more and more because they are "easy" to sell, consumers buy more and more because they have something to compare.

What made my question a point to all that is, I believe, that as long as we are all caught in a numbers race, we will not be getting true innovation.

What it takes to break the cycle? A daring company testing something new, and the consumers reacting favorably to it. As long as we are all keep blogging, talking, and ​buying the "latest and greatest", we simply inhibit true innovations.

Let me ask you (and others) this:

Do you (we) need a 300MP camera, capable of 3.276.800 ISO, with a memory card of 300GB, which transfers images to a computer with 256GB RAM and a hard drive of 500 PB?

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