Just one version of Windows 8?

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Re: Just one version of Windows 8?

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I use a Mac for most things, but recently I needed to get a PC to run a Windows only bit of software.

The computer came with OS8 installed. I have to say as a computing experience I think it dreadful, it's trying to turn the computer into a smartphone, it keeps wanting to send me shopping via various adverts it calls apps. The entire experience is very frustrating, like being told in the middle of something it's going to switch off because it's found updates like it or not, that can't be normal can it?

Now I'm wondering, Windows often did a pro versions of software, is that the case with 8? I've searched but can not find any mention of one. I'm sure for dedicated Twatface users and online shopperholics it's a gift. But why when I'm working on something would I want a movement on the trackpad to take me to a travel page or shopping site i visited a while back?

There must be something like a Pro version of this that gets rid of all the junk if you don't want it.

Presumably Microsoft gets some kind of kickback for trying to get you to constantly click links, not what I want out of a work tool.


Speaking of "Twatfaces"... have you considered taking a deep breath and trying for 15 minutes to learn how to do something new?

Windows 8 can be basically anything you want it to be. If you want a simple, app driven experience like you are used to on your phone or tablet, it's available (adds are no more prevalent than in any other free apps you get on Android or iOS). If you want a traditional desktop experience, that's there too (and if you never want to see the app screen again, download "StartIsBack").

From the problems you are describing, I can only imagine that you are simply clicking randomly around the screen, pounding on the keyboard, and hoping that your machine magically "computers" for you.

Well there you go then, I don't have adverts posing as apps on my iPhone either, it's obviously a Windows thing.They certainly are not the default setting.

Quite honestly after chatting with seasoned windows user, I've not heard a good word said about 8. The first thing anyone does is find out how to get rid of that opening screen and make the computer usable for work.

I can't think anyone would buy a computer if those apps on that screen were their main priority. It's a tool like my cameras are tools, I buy them to get the job I want done, not the job some multinational corporation would rather me do. If you are happy to get suckered into that web, fine by me.

There are lots of things I like to learn to do that are new, that's what the PC is bought for, but  having to waste time sidestepping corporate mind games is not one of them.


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