Which Of These Two Graphics Cards Would You Choose?

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Re: Mother-board integrated graphics... (?)

Hi Mark, thank you for your input.

I have considered going down the Intel i7 3770(k) route with a motherboard with integrated graphics. The shortcomings with this appears to be the restriction on the number of connectable monitors and their individual calibration. I am no computer buff so I might have this completly wrong !!!

By using the 2011 socket motherboard I understand that it should provide some long term upgrade possibilities in terms of the proposed new Intel CPU's which might extend the life of a new build system. This might enhance the editing capabilities if/when I change to using Photoshop.

However putting the long term outlook aside. I am looking to use three monitors on the system. One for general usage and the other two for high resolution editing. One editing monitor in landscape and the other in portrairt orientation. All three monitors will normally be in use at the same time and all need to be individually calibrated.

Rightly or wrongly ?? I settled on the Intel 3820 and Socket 2011 motherboard. I reached this decision after pricing systems using AMD cpu and GPU, the Intel 3770 cpu and the Intel 3820. I included a GPU card with both intel systems in order to provide multiple monitor use. The price differeces here in the UK were really quite minimal, around the £100 to £150 mark, so not really a make or break decision.

I will look again at the on-board graphics systems and see if I have missed anything.

Again my thanks for your nput.


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