D800 + CF 32GB ... 400 shoots...

Started Feb 11, 2013 | Questions thread
OP Phyramide New Member • Posts: 10
Re: D800 + CF 32GB ... 400 shoots...

Martin Grecner wrote:

jerfy wrote:

The 400 shoots number means that you have at least 400 shoots left. Depending on how well the images are compressing you could get more. If Nikon estimated compression you would be coming here complaining that the camera told you it could take 700 shots but you were only able to store 675.

This is funny. The same is happening with JPEG files and nobody complains.


The manual says 41,3 MB for a file in real life 48-49 ... no problem...I would say nothing if it was taken ±50mb for a lossless compressed file and calculated:
32768:50 = 655 => 650 shots ... and then gift me 2-3 shoots in addition at the end

but 400 vs 650 ... even 600 ... is a bit much for a mistake

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