G5 vs OM-D for IQ and Ergonomics

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Re: G5 vs OM-D for IQ and Ergonomics

Hokie One wrote:

I am looking to upgrade from an EPL-1 to either a G5 or the OM-D (or EPL-5). What do you think about the differences between the two camera for IQ and ergonomics. I have limited use of my right hand and the EPL-1 is hard for me to use comfortably. Please no "only you can decide" comments, I am just looking for ideas.

Thank, Dave

I had the G5 and replaced it with the OM-D. I thought the G5 had better handling and ergonomics which is why I got it first. It's a good camera overall but since I shoot mostly in low light it's not really useable even as a second body imo. The OM-D can produce results similar or even better than full frame bodies with its excellent IS. So even though the G5 technically has a better grip, the olympus is more comfortable to use since I don't have to force myself to keep extremely steady and sometimes I even have to hold my breath. I only use primes on m43 so it may be different if you have lenses with stabilisation.

If the G5 had the capabilities of the OM-D it would be the obvious choice. But since it doesn't exist yet, you can get close to having the benefits of both if you add the extra grip on the OM-D. Of course, it costs way more.

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